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PCB Design

3D Printing

Laser Cutting

Industrial Automation

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Divor School of Tech

Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation

Choose among many ready-made solutions to get your business running in no time!

Budget Accounting

Budget Accounting

Use our unique pre-made Visual Composer elements to make your site stand out.

Market Forecast

Market Forecast

Provide your mobile users with the best experience by sharing detailed images.

Solution Defining

Solution Defining

Your customers will never have to wait for too long with our algorithms and optimizations.

What we have done

We provide futuristic and flexible services

Divor Automations (Pvt) Ltd is a Technology Products and Services company focusing on solving real-world problems while utilizing Technology as needed.

Our Products and Services broadly fall under two categories: Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B)

In the B2C segment we attempt to recognize real-world problems affecting the masses and provide workable solutions. In doing so we attempt to carry out the complete value chain from identifying the problem, evaluating possible solutions, delivering the solution, and following up and improving with market feedback.

In the B2B segment we closely work with our corporate clients, identify their requirements and deliver solutions. In doing so we become the technology partner of a bigger value chain managed by the corporate.

Our Approaches are Broadly based on:

PCB Designing

We design your PCB for the required purpose according to given standards.Our experienced team would advise on DFM techniques as well as cost-saving techniques. Designs are submitted through Gerber files. 3D modeling of the PCB is also done

Customized Software

We cater customized software for the manufacturing industry. Our software is IOT enabled and compatible with our devices. Activities such as scheduling, forecasting and monitoring can be done through customized software.

3D Designs

We cater 3D designs for your requirements. We are capable of prototyping of designs using state of the art 3D printers and laser cutting techniques. Our design team specializes in mold manufacturing and product designing.

Automation Consultancy

We do consultation services for clients who need knowledge of automation and how to apply automation to his/her workspace. Our consultation team specializes in manufacturing automation through lean ideology in order to obtain maximum efficiency. With our strong network with reputed automation solution providers, we are capable of delivering quick solutions for your manufacturing problems

Divor School of Tech

At Divor Academy our objective is to provide technical as well as practical knowledge on Electronics and Automation related areas. Course are structured so that students can select which course best fits their needs and current knowledge levels.